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One of the most frequently asked questions about our Brittany dogs: "Are Brittanys good with children?"

Ruffwood Brittanys have wonderful temperament
and "yes" they are great with kids!

Please enjoy the following photos of our daughter and other Ruffwood Families with our Brittany dogs.

Leah with Brittany pups

Our Brittany puppies are very socialized thanks to
our daughter Leah who helps look after them.

Brittany, Sally with Leah

Our Brittany "Sally" with Leah on the couch.
Our Brittanys are part of the family.

Ruffwood's Ruby Field

Ruffwood's Ruby Field with her buddy Maeve
Ruby has her Field Dog Jr title.

Brittany, Beany with Leah

Leah playing with our Brittany, "Beany"
Ch. Ruffwood's Full of Beans, F.D.J.

**** CHUBBS ****
Ruffwood Brittany Chubbs with kid

Ruffwood Brittany "Chubbs" cuddling with his buddy.

Brittany puppy with Leah

A very cute Brittany puppy being handled by Leah.
We always recommend children sit on the ground when handling Brittany puppies.
Each Brittany puppy is handled individually for socialization.

Ruffwood puppy Kalbi part of wedding

Kalbi is part of his family's wedding party.
Each Brittany puppy is handled individually for socialization.

Ruffwood Brittanys and Children

Leah with Brittany, Ethyl


Brittany dog Ethyl with Leah


Leah with our Brittany "Ethyl" training.

Leah with our Brittany "Ethyl"

Brittany Beany being stacked


Leah with Brittany stake out


Brittany "Beany" being stacked by Leah at Michigan Field Trial

Leah with the Ruffwood Brittanys stake out at a FieldTrial.

Why is it important for Brittany puppies to interact with children?

It is important for Brittany puppies to be exposed to children for their size and their voices.
They need to have handling by all different people - men, women and children alike.

Brittany puppies also need exposure to different surfaces like grass, tiles, vinyl flooring, carpet, etc.
They need to hear all the household noises and a variety of music.
This is very important for Brittany puppies to adjust to their new homes.

Our Brittany Puppies grow up to be very well adjusted dogs.

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