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Ruby in the field
Kit in field

Ruffwood's Ruby Field (Ruby), FDJ title in 3 straight
with final score 99/100. Litter sisters

Ruffwood's M.T. Pawkits (Kit), FDJ title in 3 straight
with final score 96/100. Litter sisters

For info. on our upcoming Brittany puppies planned for spring 2022, please see our Upcoming Brittany Puppy Page

Ruffwood's Algonquin Indigo, F.D.
finishes her U.S. FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP!! Ruffwood's Algonquin Indigo finishes US Field Championship
just won the 19 dog Open Gun Dog Stake at Michigan Brittany Club's Field Trial Sept. 23, 2012
She also won the 30 dog Open Gun Dog Stake at Michigan Saginaw's Trial Sept. 16, 2012

now she is a U.S. FIELD CHAMPION !
Congratulations to her owners, George & Sherri Harrison

Here is the link to a Pheasants Forever Fun Hunt with our dog Jess: Angler & Hunter TV Episode 7 Pheasant Hunt

Ruffwood Brittanys has produced many Field Champions
and Field Dog Test titled Brittanys over the years.

It all started back in 1978 with our first Brittany.

a proud Brittany Spaniel
Happy and proud to bring it back

Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Show Champion
"Torbec Regal Rogue" (Brador) 1978-1992
The CKC Dual Championship was not recognized back then.

Brad was a great retriever
He would bring ducks from the pond
or any wounded upland game birds.

and then, as we set up our own Brittany breeding program....

Brittany pointing Hunter

Ch. Ruffwood's Rustic Hunter, F.D.,
7 pts. towards CKC Field Championship

Hunter was a very stylish Brittany with intensity on point He produced many fine Brittanys
that also obtained F.D. Title and U.S. Field Trial wins and placements

Key: F.D. = C.K.C. Field Dog title (steady to flush and retrieving required)
F.D. Jr. = C.K.C. Field Dog Junior title (pointing required)

Brittany Hunter ODBCA Dog of the Yeaar Award

Ch. Ruffwood's Rustic Hunter, F.D.,
Ontario Bird Dog and Conservation Association
Restricted Dog of the Year

Hunter was selected as Dog of the Year by OBDCA which is calculated on a point system.
This incudes many other pointing breeds such as German Shorthaired Pointers, Vizslas, etc.
We are so proud of him. Award presented to the Gebhart family by Bob Showers.

Brittany Ruffwood's Algonquin Indigo, FD winning Ed Powell Memorial

Ruffwood's Algonquin Indigo, F.D.,
winning the Ed Powell Memorial Gun Dog in Iowa.

Seventeen dogs vied for the honours, with 4 year old
Ruffwood's Algonquin Indigo emerging as the winner.
She ran in the third brace and exhibited a forward, snappy race, handled kindly,
and scored 3 well-spaced finds during her hour. Bird work for this stake was abundant;
every dog had at least one contact with game.
as reported to American Field by Ken Windom, Co-ordinator.

Brittany Indigo 2nd place MSVBC Field Trial

Ruffwood's Algonquin Indigo, F.D.,
2nd place Michigan Saginaw Valley Open Gun Dog

22 starters in a fine field of Brittanys at Ionia, Michigan.
L to R: Paul Renius, judge, Mike Wilshire, breeder/handler, George Harrison, owner.
Of interest, Indigo is a daughter of Ch. Ruffwood's Rustic Hunter.

Brittany Biff on point

U.S. Cdn. Ch. Kor-upt's Silverbirch of Danaris, FDJ

Biff was a beautiful Brittany we rescued from Illinois. He had a very sweet temperament and sired some great Brittany puppies.
After two years obtaining his registration, we were able to enter him in CKC events.
Mike did some field training with Biff, and he obtained Highest Qualifying Score in Field Dog Tests.

Brittany Ruffwood's Jack of Bay Arbor

Ruffwood's Jack of Bay Arbor

Jack pointing on the prairies (with his summer buzzcut)
Winner of the prestigious U.S. Victoire Natonale Derby Classic at only 14 months old.
A very affectionate Brittany with multiple U.S. and Canadian field trial wins and placements.

Ruffwood Brittanys Retrieving

Brittany Rev picking up pheasant to retrieve

Brittany rev retrieving pheasant

Ruffwood High Hopes Revelation picking up the bird.

Ruffwood High Hopes Revelation retrieving up the bird.

Brittany Ruffwood Stoney retrieving a pheasant

Brittany Storm retrieving a grouse

Ruffwood's Kawartha Stoney, FDX retrieving a pheasant.

Ruffwood's Storm retrieving a grouse.

What do all these titles mean?
Key: F.D. = C.K.C. Field Dog title (steady to flush and retrieving required)
F.D. Jr. = C.K.C. Field Dog Junior title (pointing required)
FC = C.K.C. Field Trial Championship title (10 points required)
U.S. FC = C.K.C. Field Trial Championship title (10 points required)
Ch. = C.K.C. Show Championship title (10 points required)
U.S. Ch. = A.K.C. Show Championship title (15 points required with majors)

Since Mike and I are both CKC and AKC approved field judges,
we have seen many Brittanys and pointing dogs over the years.
Our breeding program attains the highest standards of style and intensity on point with bidability.

Many other great Ruffwood Brittanys

- Ch. Ruffwood's T.J., F.D.
multiple C.K.C. field trial wins
- Ch. Ruffwood's Yaegar, F.D., C.D.
(note: T.J. and Yaegar were littermates.
Both dogs were extremely handsome and produced great pups.)

- Ruffwood's Shoshoni Dreamcatcher, F.D. Jr.
- Ch. Ruffwood's Rustic Hunter, F.D. Jr., F.D. as well as
field trial wins and placements in all pointing breed competitions
(note: Hunter and Dream are littermates.
Dream and Hunter are no longer with us. But Hunter continued to amaze us
with his desire to please, and eagerness to hunt)
His progeny have carried on these traits.

- U.S. FC Ruffwood's Y.T. McGee, ranked #11 in the U.S. 1994
- U.S. FC Bandit of Ruffwood, as well as multiple time American Fld Ch.,
winner of Michigan & other Championships ranked #17 in U.S. 1994
(note: Y.T. "Tee" and Bandit are littermates.
Both dogs exhibited stamina,
and tremendous ground speed)

-Ch. Ruffwood's Full of Beans, F.D.Jr.

- Ruffwood's Copper Top Todd, F.D.Jr.
- Ruffwood's Vive La Tache, C.D., F.D.Jr.,
#7 Field Dog Jr. in Canada 1998
(note: "Copper" and "Tache" are littermates.)

- Ruffwood's Kawartha Stoney, F.D.X.
- Ruffwood's Roach, F.D. Jr.,
#4 Field Dog Jr. in Canada 1998, #8 Open Derby in Canada 1998
(note: Stoney and Roach are littermates.
Both Brittanys have extraordinary strength,
desire, and bird sense

- Ruffwood's Murphy's Law, F.D.Jr.#2 Field Dog Jr. in Canada 1998
- Ruffwood's Proud 'n Sassy, C.D., F.D.Jr. & F.D., #3 Field Dog Jr. in Canada 1998
(note: Murphy and Pride are littermates.
Both Brittanys exhibit stamina,
style and intensity, as well as drive)

- Ruffwood's Splash of Tabasco, F.D. Jr.

- Ch. Ruffwood's Maximum Pride, ("Max") F.D.Jr., 1st Open Derby OAPBFDC
- Ruffwood's Lacy, F.D. Jr., 2nd Open Derby OAPBFDC
(note: Max and Lacy are littermates.
(All other placements were withheld, meaning nothing else measured up to their performances.)

- Ruffwood's Saddles 'n Chaps, F.D. Jr. & F.D.
- Ruffwood's Chester of St. Malo, F.D. Jr.
(note: both of these liver males are littermates.
(Chaps received very high scores in all field tests entered)

-U.S. & Cdn. Ch. Kor-Upt Silverbirch O' Danaris, F.D. Jr. (Biff)
(Highest qualifying score in C.K.C. Brittany test)
-Ruffwood's Skyfire at Fieldfun, F.D. Jr. (Biff's daughter)
(note: Sky is following in her father's footsteps).

-Ruffwood's Autumn Winchester, F.D. Jr.
-Ruffwood's Signor Gavin, F.D. Jr.
-Ruffwood's Deep River, F.D. Jr.
(note: Chester, Gavin & River are littermates.)

and the list goes on of many great Ruffwood Brittanys.......

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